Reviewing a Business


Not beingĀ one, at all, to post things that could be topically sensitive or of opinion……However, with the growing trend of bullying on-line via REVIEWS on Businesses, Products Sold and general day to day exchanges…..I’ve made an exception due to a land slide victory of a news worthy item of a LIBEL case in the news today (March 10th 2017)

Bullying is a tactic used by cowardly people, sometimes singularly and sometimes in groups. It’s not confined to the playground! More and more these days people are using social media to bully, cause distress and feel they have a right to write anything they want as an opinion borne on little or more often that not, no truth or evidence.

People are asked daily and freely to write REVIEWS on services or goods. People TWEET and sometimes these types of postings are written with a venomous pen. There are some people who use social media to blaspheme nasty viewpoints onto others just because they can. Although social media platforms have policies that supposedly support posts and reviews that should be positive in content, there are many posts that slip through that are clearly defamatory and libellous.

The UK law system views libel and defamation VERY seriously. It was clear to see from the headline news today (March 10th 2017), just how seriously they do! LIBEL is not local court it’s High Court. it was refreshing to read the news today that the latest High Court Ruling has just cost a malicious few words intent on harming, upsetting, effecting business, defamatory in nature and therefore LIBEL by one person to another. Karma is a wonderful thing and well done to the British Justice System for recognising this. Those few words of nastiness have cost the acid tongued person in question…..a fortune!! WOw.

March 11th 2017