Autism: Scuba Diving: A Soothing Adventure

The use of Sensory Tools whilst Scuba Diving has a number of benefits

Amongst one of the hardest things any parent may have to do is watch their child struggle.

Here is an extract of a journey and reflection of a mother and her son and the benefits of SCUBA Diving……. At the age of five, our son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  When he turned nine, at an attempt to have a “typical “birthday party, we invited 10 kids to come scuba diving.  It was something most kids had not experienced at this young age, and having an extreme birthday party was the only way kids would come to our son’s birthday as he had no friends. Our son quickly found comfort in the water.

“It’s wonderful Mum, it’s like someone is hugging me, but not touching me,” explained our son, who seldom let us hug him, kiss him or hold his hand. And, he now had friends that shared his world.

After that birthday party, our son knew that he wanted to grow up and ‘live’ underwater. By the time he was 14 he was a certified diver. The pressure of the water felt good to him and the elimination of noises and stimulations vanished for the time he was underwater.

I think it’s fair to say that this is a very positive reflection from a mother whose son took to scuba like a duck to water so to speak! Teaching the skills involved in Scuba Diving could help a youngster to move into a trade that involves working underwater (like a Sealife Centre or similar), and could propel them further in life with others.

More than anything though, SCUBA diving is FUN when taught by the right people. It can open up a world of many experiences for both child and adult alike.

Here at SCUBACO we have a family team of highly qualified professionals that are nurturing, caring and passionate about Scuba Diving and all that this sport brings.

SCUBA Diving can be experienced from the Age of 8 years and a diver

can qualify from the age of 10 years

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