Here at Scubaco, we are not an Internet shop, we are a Retail Store on the good old High Street. We look to give exceptional customer service to all that come through our door from the beginning, during and after. All our products are backed up by the excellent Manufacturers and Dealerships that we deal with. We ensure that ALL our products are as described and fit for purpose. Many folk come to realise that one Scuba Mask DOES NOT fit all! Our fitting service is thorough and we work our very best to ensure that All the products you purchase from us are suitable for YOUR use having spent your hard earned cash on the goodies you buy.


Our DRY SUITS from our various Manufacturers come in a Courier Box. We always feel a special excitement in leaving each client to ‘open the box’ to reveal all that is within. A bit like….every day is Christmas feeling 🙂 The suit type and the manufacturer governs what goodies lie within the box. Usually we can expect extra goodies such as a bag for the suit, a small block of hard wax, some suits but not all come with a hood and most come with a standard fit dry suit hose. Clients can up-grade (for a nominal cost) the standard hose (if supplied) if it’s not long enough or, they want a different type such as the new Mi-Flex lighter hose. Although quite rarely, some of the LATEX suits come with a tiny little talc pack. However, modern day DRY suits with the newer SEAL SKIN type seals do not require this product to be used. So, it’s rare to see this add-on unless it’s for an older suit AND/OR the manufacturer has seen it fit to supply. NONE of the Dry Suits we stock come with a HANGER. We do however have a good range of suitable and very reasonably priced, heavy duty hangers for purchase. Our Manufacturers and Distributors are happy to give us their 100% backing on all goods supplied by them and the contents within each box that arrives at SCUBACO which are then distributed to the purchasing client 🙂

Shop with confidence and securely at our cosy store backed up by full CCTV footage inside and out 🙂 Just ring either bell on the door and one of us will ‘appear’ at your service.

The top of the range D10. We at Scubaco have used these suits all of last year and can certainly say that they have been tested in all UK water conditions!
One of our happy and satisfied Scoobie Dry Suit and Camera users in the outer far reaches of Bonny Scotland


There are now many more affordable underwater cameras complete with housing available today. We have seen some amaaaaaazing photos taken by many of our Scuba Divers. Whether it be when with us on holiday both in the UK and abroad, or when they have been on their own family holidays. A Scoobie Scuba Diver that has dived with us for some years now, Scoobie Lindsay, took purchase of The Edge Camera AND a Dry Suit last year. It was a good year for Scoobie Lindsay because not only did he complete the PADI Rescue Diver Course, he also became a PADI Dry Suit Diver AND took some FABULUS photo footage when on holiday with us.

Happy Scoobie Lindsay with his purchase. Scubaco back up it’s customer service, as do all the Manufacturers and Distributors we deal with 🙂
A Fabulus photo of a very inquisitive seal. Our Scoobie divers captured some really good photos. Many of which have completed the PADI Photo Speciality Course with us
A FAB photo taken by one of our SCOOBIES on one of our recent valued experience UK trips to The Farne Islands