Reviewing a business or a product is something that folk do quite often these days. Although the review is written as the opinion of the person writing it, when does a review, or a comment or a post on public media become LIBEL? Well, an interesting read today in the news (April 1st 2017) in that another highly publicised case of libel has been won against a person making false accusations against another….this time the perpetrator used social media as a vehicle. More so these days it would seem is that folk feel that they have a licence to hide behind a name and make false accusations. This selfish type of vendetta act is starting to attract the triggering of libel laws and is gathering momentum as people realise that the law is on their side against anyone who make false accusations. The UK courts view LIBEL as a High Court action.

The exact in todays’ news reads from a case in the US below:

Facebook post costs North Carolina woman $500,000

“I think people today don’t recognize the importance of their words,” Charlotte attorney Missy Owen told the news station. “Just because it is very easy to get your words out there does not mean you should.”

Because there was no truth to Hammond’s Facebook post, the libel case was settled in Dial’s favor — that means Hammond has to pay $250,000 in actual damages and $250,000 in punitive damages, according to court documents.

“You can get in trouble anytime you make a false statement about someone else that damages their character or reputation,” Owen said. “Anybody who learns about this case should think twice before angrily posting on their Facebook page about somebody else if what they have to say is not true.”